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Your Gift Rebuilds Lives

whole person aftercare treatment

Make a life-changing impact with just $25 a month! Your financial contribution directly impacts our ability to provide crucial medical care, therapy, education, and meet the overall daily needs of courageous survivors.

With less than what it costs to buy dinner for a family of 2, you can make a difference in a survivor’s life.

How does your donation provide help for “the one”?

  • $25 = 1 month of Transportation
  • $125 = 1 month of Education
  • $300 = 2 months of Food for one survivor
  • $600 = 3 months of Trauma Therapy for one survivor
  • $1,800 = 6 months of Housing for one survivor
  • $15,000 = 1 year of COMPLETE CARE for 1 one courageous survivor

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